EMBRITE Precision Glow In The Dark Keychain Fob

EMBRITE Precision Glow In The Dark Keychain FobGlow fobs are all the latest with EDC enthusiasts now. Why not? These come in a rainbow of colors, don’t run out of battery juice like LED lights, and require no maintenance, just a little light to charge them. Leave your keys on the front seat while you drive, and you’ll charge it for up to 12 hours. 

The EMBRITE Precision Glow in the Dark Keychain Fob is made of anodized aluminum, creating a silvery gray cage for the glow pellet. At 1.5 inches, it is big enough to generate light to find your keys, but not too big to get in the way. The strontium powder embedded in the acrylic pellet will glow with brightness depending on the ambient light and charge.

This is a great starter item for the EDC enthusiast!

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