Edimax Travel Router

Edimax Travel RouterIf you travel frequently, or need connection options for your gear, this compact travel router is for you. Now, this is NOT a cellular hotspot. However, with many devices now coming without an Ethernet connection, being able to connect multiple wireless devices to the internet via a single RJ45 Ethernet connetion is a fantastic advantage. To this end, Edimax has developed the USB Powered Travel Router.

This small device can be powered via the USB port connected to a host machine, or a USB charging plug. It can also be charged with an external power adapter.

The device is handy for several reasons.

  • You can plug it into an Ethernet cable, and use the external power adapter, and you have an instant wifi hotspot router. The small size of the device makes it ideal for you every day carry gear bag.
  • You can plug the USB side into a laptop, say a Macbook Air, and the other end into a hard-wired Ethernet line, and you can now use the hardline connection on your Air. This is essential for traveling technicians or sales people who may run into situations where wifi is not available, but standard wired Ethernet is.
  • You can plug in JUST the external power adapter to create a private wifi network. This is great for small work groups or classroom file distribution.
  • If the wifi adapter in your laptop is not compatible with the protocol where you are working, you can plug this in to get back on wifi in a flash. Honestly, this is unlikely but great to know — especially if your laptop wifi is not reliable. This unit supports 802.11b,g,n in a variety of connection speeds.

The device is a fully-functional travel router with web-based administration. It also has a one-click guest management feature when you need to get others online.

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