EDC Tools – Portable, Versatile & Multifunctional

There a multitude of EDC Tools on the market today that embody the core EDC principles of portability, utility and versatility. For those  that are serious about their Everyday Carry Gear and love a good tool that allows them to do those fast fixes and other handy work without lugging a toolbox’s worth of equipment around, you need to invest your time in a good EDC Multi Tool.


Types Of EDC Tools

Common functions that you will find in all tools include pliers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, scissors and knife cutting tools. These EDC Tools will complement the functions of other essential gear you have in your kit, especially when weight and pocket space are valuable. The most common types of tools that you should start investigating and purchasing will fall into the following categories:


EDC Multi Tool Buying Guide

Before buying a multi-tool from the plethora of options, it is important to understand what matters. The best multi tool should offer you a blend of ergonomics, quality, reliability, functionality and is one that properly suits your needs. The tool an office employee will buy will be completely different to that of a hiker or mechanic. To get your started, here is list our recomended multi tools for everyday carry available on the market today.

Leatherman Rev Multi Tool

Best Multi Tool - Leatherman Rev Multi ToolLeatherman is the most reputed brand among the various sellers of multi tools. They are known for making the best multi tools available in the market. The Leatherman Rev is a budget-friendly tool with all the essentials of a modern multi tool and comes with a 25-year warranty on its steel.

Rest assured, you would not be worrying about rust or blunt edges for a long time. It has 14 tools including pliers, two knives, scissors, a bottle opener, and more. It is very light weighing at just 8.5 ounces. The value for money for this product is great. The design is extremely ingenious, it is very friendly and all the tools lock in so that there are no sharp edges you have to worry about.

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Leatherman Surge Black Molle Sheath

Best Multi Tool - Leatherman SurgeThis one is another beast of a multi tool from Leatherman. It is one of their most coveted and popular multi tools and has been a popular recommendation by thousands of people for over a decade. This particular one contains the largest pliers available. It contains 154cm wire cutters and a total of 21 tools and is covered in anodized black.

The knives have serrated steel and all the tools are locking. If you are looking for a premium quality tool then this is certainly one to consider. It is a bit expensive but a 25-year warranty is evidence of great quality and artisanship.

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SOG Specialty Knives

Best Multi Tool - SOG Specialty KnivesSOG is another famous multi tool manufacturer using a design platform similar to Leathermen. It contains a total of 12 tools constructed with high-quality stainless steel. It has a push-button for easy opening and a pocket clip for easy portability.

It weighs 177 grams and easily fits into the pocket. It has pliers, knives, a can and bottle opener and other essential tools for everyday use. The handle in black adds a nice touch of color and provides some style. Although it is priced a little high, it is a good buy for the premium build.

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Victorinox Swiss Champ

Best Multi Tool - Victorinox Swiss Army KnifeYou can trust the inventors of multi-tools to make one of the most reliable and intelligent Swiss Army Knives. The Swiss manufacturers are famed for their sharp knives, premium serrated steel, and functionality beyond the comprehension of most users.

The Officer Series contains a corkscrew, a serrated knife, wood saw key ring inox, wire cutter, and scissors. For any office work, to fixing Electricals, you can purchase this 21 toolset from Switzerland.

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Michelin Multi Tool

Best Multi Tool - Michelin PremiumMichelin has created an affordable multi tool with a knife, pliers a nut opener. It chains a total of 14 tools with an emergency wrench. It has an LED flashlight built-in as well to aid with working in the dark. It has been developed as a tool to for carrying in the car and dealing with emergency situations.

Michelin has put a glass breaker inside it for emergency escapes during an accident. There is also a screwdriver, a serrated wire stripper, and a bottle opener as well. The multi tool is very cheap and a good value for money option.

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Stanley Hammer Tool

Best Multi Tool - Stanley HammerThe Stanley 11 in 1 hammer tool is our unique pick for a very innovatively designed multi tool and is the one we came across with a hammer. This is a great tool for carpenters requiring a small portable option to Jane hammer in nails, cut wires or open nuts.

The multi tool is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is extremely handy with a good grip and can be used for placing screws as well.

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So there you go, that’s our pick for the best multi tools available in the market right now. You can find any of these suited to your needs for basic construction work or for office work. Everyday Carry isn’t a one size fits all, it is unique to your situation and environment, so finding a set up for you will take time. My advice is to acquire some new EDC tools and as they say in the military “test and adjust” to suit you. There are tools out there for everyone for any budget, it’s just a matter of seeking them out.

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