EDC Mini Crank Crowbar Pocket Pry Bar

EDC Mini Crank Crowbar Pocket Pry BarSometimes simple is best. Fewer parts to break or replace, and many times less costly to replace if you lose it. This Mini Crank Pocket Pry Bar is a perfect example of this. No EDC kit is complete without a prybar. Generally sized for the task, this small stainless steel one easily fits on a keychain or tool belt, and can come in very handy for the times when you need to pry apart or open something but don’t want to risk damaging a nice knife or multi tool.

At less than $6 it’s a bargain lifesaver when you need it. Get a couple just in case. It has two slots for pulling small nails, and a chiseled edge to get into openings that need prying.

Don’t hesitate, get your Pocket Pry Bar today!

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