Custom Benchmade Blades

Custom Benchmade Blades - Griptilian 551 KnifeI wasn’t aware of this until recently, but Benchmade has a very cool tool on their website. The Custom Benchmade allows you to select from a series of options to create a custom blade. You start by choosing a base knife model to work from.

The tool walks you through the selection process screen by screen, letting you select the blade type, the blade color (yes, colors!) and metal type. It then lets you select a printed pattern for each side of the blade. You can select from stock images and patterns, or upload your own. Next you select the handle colors, spacer colors, and you can even choose to have black or metal screws in the handle.

Throughout the process, you’ll see the price change to reflect the options you have selected so you can ensure it’s in your price range. Keep in mind these are not your cheap pocket knives, so plan on a couple hundred dollars to get a solid custom benchmade blade for you. For the options and quality, it’s an excellent purchase.

My favorite Custom Benchmade Blade is the Griptilian!

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