The Best Spyderco Knife

Choosing the Best Spyderco Knife is not an easy task or decision to make. With all the different brands, styles, marketing and reviews out there today, no wonder the task of buying just one can be a daunting choice. To assist you with making that right decision I’ve shared my personal reviews of my favorite Spyderco Knives that I believe rate high on the quality scale of usefulness, purpose and quality.

#1 Spyderco Vallotton Sub-Hilt Folder

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Best Spyderco Knife - Vallotton Sub Hilt Folder KnifeThis is an extremely sharp, expensive-looking knife made of premium steel. The design and execution of the blade and handle are superb. The liners and locking mechanism look much more reliable compared to most other Spyderco knives. The Vallotton Sub-Hilt is a relatively heavy folder. Its weight is similar to Buck 110 but it feels more balanced due to the heavier blade and lighter handle.

The knife has many unique features and most of them are extremely practical. It features an ambidextrous thumb stud for opening in either hand (for all those lefties), and doubles as a stop pin keeping the blade from rotating open beyond the locked position.

The cutting abilities of the knife are outstanding. Undoubtedly, the true knife enthusiasts have a lot more to say about the Spyderco Vallotton Sub-Hilt Knife. Overall, it is aesthetically-looking, well-built, and multi-task utility knife. The best Spyderco knife in my opinion.

#2 Spyderco C177GP Roc G-10 Black Plain Edge Handle Pocket Knife

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Best Spyderco Knife - Roc C177GP EDC Folding KnifeWe know Spyderco is known for their distinctive leaf blade designs, but this cleaver-like design by knifemaker Serge Panchenko takes them out of their standard format. The design of the Roc seems like a blend of a straight razor and a meat cleaver, all rolled into a cool folding knife design.

Made of GV-10 stainless steel, the Spyderco Roc G-10 Plain Edge Knife features textured grooves on the spine to give your thumb a solid grip. The large hole in the blade allows for easy one-handed opening, and the handle integrates a pocket clip for easier carrying. The handle contains a stainless-steel liner for protecting the blade, and the open back construction makes it easier to clean and maintain than some other blades.

#3 Spyderco Police Model Plain Edge Stainless Steel Knife

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Developed over 20 years ago by Spyderco, this model is a sleek and useful EDC knife. The Spyderco Police Model stainless steel knife has a rounded edge on the handle to ensure a comfortable carry in your pocket, but can also be carried as a belt knife or boot knife with the integrated clip. This clip is also great for keeping the knife from falling down into your pockets and moving around.

Although it comes in other colors, the stainless-steel model continues to be one of the most popular models available. When closed, it’s about 4 inches and when open, about 7.5 inches.

#4 Spyderco Paramilitary 2 G-10 Black Blade Knife

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Best Spycerco Knife - Paramilitary 2 G-10 Black Blade KnifeThis knife is simply awesome! The look is incredibly sleek with a well crafted blade that is one tough mother. The G-10 handle is narrowed at the end to improve handling movement. It incorporates the new pivot system that makes opening and closing the blade feel a lot smoother and a four way clip for carrying tip up or tip down. Be aware though, this knife is slightly bigger in the hand than most standard sized pocket knives, however for the price of around $150, it is certainly well worth every penny. Don’t take my word for it, check out the numerous reviews this top seller has received so far. Certainly worthy to be on the best Spyderco knife list.

The Best Spyderco Knife Conclusion

So that sums up my list of the Best Spyderco Knife on the market today. Hopefully I’ve inspired and encouraged you to go out and purchase a Spyderco Knife and see if that fits your ideal everyday carry gear. If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with them and share them with other interested followers on our social network pages.

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