5 Things That Your EDC Backpack Should Have

An EDC backpack (aka everyday carry backpack) is a necessity for any individual to possess these days. It carries all the essential things that you should have access to all the time especially while traveling via various difficult natural surroundings of mother earth. Although there are several items that can and must be accommodated in your pack, the following list includes the simple and basic top five items that your EDC backpack must have.

1. A Sharp Knife

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Gerber 06 FAST Knife For Your EDC BackpackOne of the top most EDC backpack items to be on the list is a sharp knife. Although you may not find yourself in an emergency situation every, but possessing a good knife can actually increase your chances of survival if ever you had to face one. There are various good knives available in the market for you to choose from.

While getting a knife with the intention of putting it inside your EDC backpack you can very well opt for a folding knife with an impressive steel body. For instance, s30v steel is a much-preferred option than the others which is not even too expensive. You can select Gerber 06 FAST Tactical Knife with S30V Steel.

You can also opt for a knife with a spring that once you press the button the knife opens up. To have a knife in your EDC backpack is a great option as it renders help while living in a city as well as traveling out of it very often.

2. A Lighter

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Have you ever wondered about the situation if you go out for a trek or a camp and don’t have a lighter? The scenario can be a scary one. A lighter is an extremely important item for you in any scenario. Hence, why it is number two on this list of essential items to be present in your everyday carry backpack.

It renders help in all kinds of situations and is won’t take up any space at all and will likely fit in your pocket anyway. You can have a mini lighter as well like a Zippo. If you don’t smoke or happen to use a lighter often, then the mini ones are just perfect for you.

There are also several attractive designs and versions available in the market. The perfect one seems to be the one that lights with just one tiny effort without any hassles.

3. A Flashlight

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Zoomable CRE Tactical Flashlight For Your EDC Pack

A flashlight plays an important role as you never know when the power might go out or a natural disaster strikes leaving you in complete darkness. A flashlight in your EDC backpack can be your only rescue in such dark surroundings. Carrying a flashlight around such as CREE 7W AA flashlight can make sure that you stay prepared for all the emergency situations.

It is an essential EDC backpack gear that one must possess especially while out camping in the wilderness. You can opt for flashlights that throw white or yellow light as per your choice as the market is overflowing with so many variations.

Also, a flashlight that works for longer duration using batteries is highly recommended. These also come in various sizes ranging from tiny to huge. A good research and comparison before making a purchase can prove to be fruitful.

4. A Pen

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Jetstream Ballpoint Pen - Perfect EDC Pack Item

A pen is a tiny yet essential to have in your EDC backpack. For taking an instant note or while updating your to-do-list, a pen such as Jetstream ballpoint pen offers you help every now and then. Whereas in various survival conditions a pen can be utilized for leaving notes to self or the fellow members about the location directions.

It can be more useful than one can ever imagine. Pens, on the other hand, come in various kinds. Several popular brands offer pens that can be purchased spending an amount that one can afford. The best thing about this essential tool is that it can come well within the budget of us all and can fit even in your pocket.

5. Cell Phone

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Samsung S8 For Your EDC Backpack

With the technological advancement accelerating each day one cannot imagine a life without a cell phone. All information these days is available online which can prove to be essential at all times. Accommodating a smartphone in your EDC backpack can assure you of having access to various useful apps, GPS, and contact with anyone all across the globe.

While there seems absolutely no issue with a smartphone when you’re staying within a strong network region there might be a certain hindrance in regions with little to no network coverage. Even in such scenarios, you can utilize this heavenly tool in several other ways. Many cell phones have a flashlight and ability to take notes in emergency situations.

The market offers high-class brands that build smartphones and you should pick one from the range available. A smart phone that offers a long battery life such as a Samsung S8 is a great choice for the regular traveller.

EDC Backpack Essentials Conclusion

So, there are my five things that your EDC Backpack should have, although, there are many other things that you can incorporate as per your requirements. A bit of research and wise comparison amongst your shortlisted products can help you purchase your desired tools and devices at the best price that market has to offer.