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New to EDC?

Not familiar with EDC? Don’t sweat it, you’ve come to right place to get started.

EDC is the term used for creating a type of kit that is made up of portable tools, gadgets and survival items that a person can carry with them everyday and everywhere they go (also known as a Pocket Dump or Bug Out Bag). These kits are completely personalized by the person carrying them and usually intended for a specific use and purpose (camping, travelling, shopping, at work, at home or customized to a person’s job). There are certainly no limitations to what an EDC kit can be made up of. The most common and in most cases essential items include your phone, watch, keys, pocket knife, lighter, flashlight and writing tool.

Where Do I Start?

Just beginning, great! Check out our EDC Kits page to get a feel for what the essential, optional and darn right cool things to add to your kit are. Remember, your kit is just that, yours! So, to figure out what you need, you first need to assess what situations in your day-to-day life you are most likely to end up in (heavens forbid you don’t though). Sadly, a common situation is a car crash and likely in this situation you’ll need something small and accessible that you know you can carry with you at all times. Like something on your car keychain. There are a number of these multitools available that cost very little and will save your life. That’s just one example of a situation anyone in the world could be faced with. Add into this your unique day-to-day life and possible scenarios, you’ll find a use for just about any EDC tool on the market today and be able to create different kits for these situations.

If you need some more inspiration, then see what other EDC enthusiasts are packing in their kits on the Pocket Dump page. Like it? Why not say so and create your own.

Already got your Pocket Dump sorted? Awesome! Share it on our page because we’d love to see it.

What Types of EDC Kits Are There?

Want to branch out? Then step it up and establish your own Fire, Medical and Emergency Survival EDC kits. Have these ready to go and on hand with your camping equipment, in your car and stashed throughout your home.

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